Rachel's Flower Garden

Block #1 - Camillia Block #2 - Pansy Block #3 - Daffodil Block #4 - Lily Block #5 - Tulip Block #6 - Delphinium Block #7 - Rose Block #8 - Gladiola Block #9 - Water Lily Dahlia Block #10 - Sunflower Block #11 - Chrysanthemum Block #12 - Poinsettia


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Rachel’s Flower Garden is like a watercolor painting on canvas. The collection of favorites include twelve realistically designed flowers which you may find in your very own back yard! Block 1 - Camillias, Block 2 - Pansies, Block 3 - Daffodils, Block 4 - Lilies, Block 5 - Tulips, Block 6 - Delphinium, Block 7 - Roses, Block 8 - Gladiolas, Block 9 - Dahlias, Block 10 - Sunflowers, block 11 - Chrysanthemums, and Block 12 - Poinsettias, each in their season. This bed sized quilt is sure to become a family heirloom and is an incredible opportunity to impress your friends and relatives! This is a Watercolor Quilt that would have once been time consuming and difficult to make, now with 12 kits and Quilt-Fuse can be done with speed and ease. (See video "how-to" on this site)

Each block includes Die-cut 2" Fabric Squares for the background, complete Instructions, a Color Photo, as well as the Appliqué Patterns and Fabrics needed to complete the Watercolor project (borders available separately).

This quilt may be purchased as:

A FULL SET of 12 blocks ($250.00) OR
12 month BLOCK OF THE MONTH ($23.95 per month) -- auto-shipped to your home OR
purchased as INDIVIDUAL BLOCKS ($23.95 each) for use as a wallhanging.

Consider choosing two or three or more blocks to make into a matching grouping of wall hangings, Door Runner, Pillows, or Table Runner, or whatever creative combinations you may have. Each finished block size is 13.5" x 15" (without border). Complete finished quilt size is 54" x 76.5" . To gain Double, king and Queen bed sizes add wider sashing and side borders (borders for all sizes available). For your own individual look, choose your own favorite border colors and quilting patterns. The possibilities are endless!

This quilt kit is a Whims exclusive, second in the Rachel's Garden series… Designed by Mim Schlabach.

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